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As members of the Safe Trader Scheme our customers are able to provide feedback on our service. Due to our consistently high ratings collected and appraised by Lancashire County Council we are proud to announce our commendations and success in participating in the scheme.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit thier reviews and made us winners.

Our business:


We are socially conscious, humane pest control technicians who are qualified and licensed for the use of rodenticide and substances for the control of public health pests. We take every precaution to ensure our work has minimum impact on the environment and the people & wildlife within it. We are low tier waste carriers registered for the correct disposal and recycling of waste. We are registered CRRU supporters and promote responsible control of rodents.

Our practices:


We are members of the National Pest Control Association. The NPTA is the premier professional membership Association within the UK with over 850 “memberships”. It is the largest UK membership body in the UK Pest Control Industry and serves to define best practices for pest control technicians. We follow these guidelines in all our operations and can be relied upon to deliver the highest standards throughout our visit.



We believe that wether you own your own home or if you are a tenant, we all have the right to live in a safe, healthy environment. If you rent your home and have a problem with an infestation it is important to notify your landlord as soon as possible so the situation can be addressed.
It is usually your landlords responsibility to deal with this, if you are in doubt in determining responsibility, or if you require further information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, the following links provide resources which may help you.

  • Shelter : pests and vermin
  • UK Govt : tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Citizens Advice : Infestations and rented homes

  • We believe by understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and acting promptly to deal with the situation all parties can move quickly towards a satisfactory conclusion.

    Red Rose Pest Control Services do not serve to facilitate in eviction or the repossession of property.

    local Authority Cover:

    United Together

    Red Rose Pest Control Services will not, under any circumstances provide cover or support that would facilitate in the continuation of services during disputes where trade union members are involved in industrial action.